Suburban Paradise Screensaver

Suburban Paradise Screensaver

Tired with urban rythms? Bored with sounds of megapolis?

Are you really stressed out because of the city life?
Are you tired of commuting, riding buses, waiting for the green light, and crowds everywhere?
Suburban Paradise Screensaver gets smog and crowds away from you.

This beautiful screensaver will really help you to forget about your daily troubles and routine.
Don’t you sometimes feel like you are being watched, and everywhere you go there are big crowds and enormous lines to get in to a cinema or any other place?
As soon as your screensaver starts, you will be transported, as the name says, to a piece of paradise in the suburbs.
Forget about mufflers and horns on the street. Here you will be listening to the birds, the water and many other beautiful and very relaxing sounds.
You will visit a beautiful cottage next to a lighthouse, a little house on the side of a river overlooking the mighty snow capped mountains, and of course, you will also visit a lovely family house, where all its residents live happily.
All these scenes are not static. Everything is moving, from the leaves of the trees to the animated funny characters that are just there, doing something.

Suburban Paradise Screensaver will really help you to forget about the city and make you feel in the relaxing and beautiful suburbs.

Fernando Soni
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  • Beautiful scenes
  • Funny but cute animated characters


  • Nothing worth mentioning
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